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Pastor’s Pondering – September 14, 2016

MEMORIES, MEMORIALS, AND MOVING ON If you haven’t been bombarded by memories in the past week,      you must live under a rock.          Every newscast and every human interest story for the past week                (except for moment-by-moment coverage of the presidential candidates)                    has unearthed another tragic story of 9/11/01. News people and… Read more

Pastor’s Pondering – August 31, 2016

A “University Church” Now that we’re back to school in a university community, it’s time again to consider what it means to be a “university church”. In a Christian Century article called “Soul Experiments”, Stephanie Paulsell offers some encouraging, challenging, hopeful thoughts on what that means for our life together and our mission to the community… Read more

Pastor’s Pondering – August 24, 2016

We Went Home Thomas Wolfe wrote “You Can’t Go Home Again,”      But, indeed, we just did.          I was invited to preach at Homecoming 2016 at First Presbyterian Church in Sylacauga, Al                this past Sunday and I accepted their gracious invitation.                    We had served that congregation from October 1982 to June 1990…. Read more

Pastor’s Pondering – August 10, 2016

THE THRILL OF VICTORY…THE AGONY OF DEFEAT It was the iconic opening slogan of “Wide World of Sports” in an earlier generation.      It reminded us that in every contest/race/competition,          someone wins and someone loses. As we watch the Olympics this week,      we witness the continuing victory and defeat that come with competition…. Read more

Pastor’s Pondering – July 27, 2016

OUR FATHER I know there are some who cringe in fear when the name “Father” is uttered.      I know there are fathers who are absent in their children’s lives          and others whose children wish they were absent.                I know “father” is a gender specific term that sometimes makes “mothers” feel slighted. But,… Read more