Pastor’s Pondering – February 15, 2017

Love Is Not Pretty

Love is not pretty,

It is not lace on pink with a red background.

Love is the sleepy mom,

Cooking breakfast for a screaming kid

And love is the scared dad rushing to the hospital

After the police have called

And love is the scared teen

Asking a girl for a date hoping she will say yes

And love is the girl saying no

As firmly as she can,

Hoping not to sound rude

Or maybe even not caring how it sounds

And love is that boy somehow,

A few weeks later,

Asking a different girl.


But love is also the man in the morgue

Pulling back the sheet

For someone to say YES

Lord have mercy.

And love is the stranger sitting on the sidewalk

With a sick drunk

Until help comes

And love is the brave person who steps across the line

Wherever the line is drawn,

Only to say

We are in this together.


Because being in this together-

Whatever frightening thing it is-

That’s beautiful, and that’s love,

As ugly as it looks.


George R. Pasley

February 14, 2017

Martin TN

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