Pastor’s Pondering – April 5, 2017

Rejoice Always

Rejoice, when they send flowers to your home

And you are in the hospital

Fifty miles away

Rejoice, when they ask if you need anything

Even though there is nothing you can have.

Rejoice, when there is a tube stuck down your nose,

Rejoice again, I say, rejoice!

If that tube weighs a pound

And sways awkwardly

While you are wandering the halls.

Rejoice always,

If it takes the nurse an hour or two

To answer your page

Before you’re free

To wander in the halls,

Rejoice that you can wake so easily

For x-rays at four a.m.,

Rejoice when they all ask

If you wear oxygen tubes at home,

Rejoice when your friends all fly past you on Fitbit,

Rejoice FOR THEM,


Rejoice when the nurses call you sweetie

And say, O bless your heart!

Rejoice, for the Lord comes riding on a colt

And surely it was better than your ride

Home will be, to a house that smells like vomit.

Rejoice, because you are fearfully wonderfully made,

And the Lord is even rejoicing now

Sending you a toot to toot.

Rejoice, this poem is through

Even though your release is nowhere at all in sight!


George R Pasley

April 3, 2017

Jackson TN

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