Pastor’s Pondering – April 12, 2017

Sometimes On A Sunday Afternoon


Sometimes on a Sunday afternoon  I fall asleep on the living room floor.


Just about every Sunday after church  I go out to dinner,

Like Mom and Dad used to take us all,

And cherish the condensation  On the iced tea glass,

And speak gently to the server,  and take my time with dinner.


And if the day is fair,  I may take a hike somewhere

And return when Sunday is almost gone.


Remember the sabbath day,

To keep it holy. But I imagine God

Keeping it holy  in a whole different way.


I think God finds the deepest place in the woods,

Or the furthest meadow,

Gets real comfortable,

And cries

Because the sum of suffering in the world

Does not come near being washed away

By the volume of our tears alone.


And tears are the most holy thing

That we can share.



George R Pasley
April 9, 2017
Martin TN



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  1. Erica

    On May 17, 2017

    How beautiful. You are a lovely writer. I’m reminded of Rod McKuen, another beautiful writer. Thanks for sharing.

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