Pastor’s Pondering – July 19, 2017

Take One Life

Take one life-
Yours, mine, the kid next door-
One beautiful life,
Filled with possibilities
Yet abundant with risk
And it’s all beautiful.
Then things happen,
Or don’t happen.
Scars form,
Other wounds never heal,
Not completely.
They can be tragic,
But sometimes those same things
That happened, or not,
Can lead to wisdom.
Not PERFECT wisdom,
Mind you,
Just three steps in that direction
So that sometimes,
Those things that live with you like shadow-
The memories, the regrets, the sadness-
They can become, just for a moment,
Like a cat that has quit pestering you for attention
And instead,
Curled up beside you
And purred itself to sleep.
You’re not at peace, per se,
But you know what peace is
And you can live with that.

George R. Pasley
July 18, 2015
Ketchikan Alaska

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