Pastor’s Pondering – August 16, 2017

Let’s Go Discovering


Sunny day and we know

Endorphins abound,

Good things are ready to be discovered.


But since we also know that injustice

Is not confined to the darkness,

That cries of distress

Are bound to be heard

Even in the midst of joy,

Then let’s go discovering:


Let’s discover practices of prayer

That open our eyes, our hearts, our minds

To injustice in disguise.


Let’s discover manners of speech

That challenge status quo and

Threaten powers of domination,

Yet respect human dignity.


Let’s discover deeds of service

That join hands together,

That build doorways to new possibilities,

That restore lost beauty,

And that make room for all

To join in Jubilee.



George R Pasley
August 15, 2017
Martin TN

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