Pastor’s Pondering, October 18, 2017



GEORGE: Naomi sent Ruth to glean barley in Boaz’ field

TOMI: You picked up beer cans and scrap for me

GEORGE: That was faith


TOMI: You smiled at my stories; you shrugged at my past

GEORGE: You took my hand when we walked

TOMI: That was hope


GEORGE: You laughed when I pouted

TOMI: That was funny!

GEORGE: That was patience


TOMI: You brought pizza to my students

GEORGE: It was leftover

TOMI: That was kindness


GEORGE: You painted my house

TOMI: You took me hiking

GEORGE: That was the tip of the iceberg


TOMI: That was love-

-and we love YOU, Trinity

GEORGE: We’re getting married!


It’ll be on December 31, 2017


George Pasley & Tomi McCutchen

October 15, 2017

Martin TN


Thank you for your blessings, well-wishes and prayers!


Our wedding is planned for Sunday, December 31, 2017 during Sunday worship, followed by a potluck dinner. Meat and drinks will be provided.

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