Pastor’s Pondering – November 1, 2017

What rhymes with justice?

Not the law.

Not power.

Not business.

Not religion.

Not politics.

Not guns, not football, not television.


Justice does not rhyme with the orderly

Or with the methodical.

It does not synchronize with the tidy

Or with the obedient.

It is not decorous or demure or even appropriate,

Not in the way that respectable people

Like to use those words.


No, there is not much that is comfortable

That rhymes with justice,

Not much that is analogous with

The last becoming first,

With the poor taking seats

Of honor at the banquet,

With the lepers taking communion,

With the rich begging for drops of water by the gate-

Not much at all.

But oddly enough,

The very best that rhymes with justice

Is ruckus…


Meditate on that.


George R. Pasley

October 31, 2017

Martin TN

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