Pastor’s Pondering – November 8, 2017

I notice,

Walking away,

I walk with head held down,

Into the wind,

Tucked from the rain,

As if in prayer

But I wasn’t praying

Even though the world cries for prayer,

Things are that bad.


I notice,

With my head held down,

There are leaves on the ground-

Undescript, some-

But others are bright,

Some would even say


And so I dare

To lift my head.


I notice,

The trees have not yet

Given in to winter-

Green leaves remain

Among the legions still mustered

On their boughs

And even though the trees

Prepare for winter,

They vow

To regroup, come spring.

To endure is to prevail.


I notice,

There is spring in my step.


George R Pasley

November 7, 2017

Martin TN

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