Pastor’s Pondering – December 20, 2017

If I squint,

I can see the world

As I like it to be-

Quirky and lovely,

Absurd and mysterious,

Precious and, well,


The way God intended.


Or sometimes I can close my eyes

And see the world as I did

When I was a child,

Big and wide and filled with Love.


But then a baby will wail,

A mother will weep,

A dog will howl in pain,

A siren will scream,

The news cycle will turn

To yet more violence,

Yet more death,

Yet more waiting to be redeemed,

And I will see the world as it truly is:

Wounded, in need of care,

Dying, in need of prayer.


George R. Pasley

December 19, 2017

Martin TN

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