Pastor’s Pondering – December 27, 2017


They are beautiful songs,
The carols we have sung this night-
Sad, but woven with great joy,
Glorious in the midst of deep darkness,
Filled with hope in a world of war,
Bright with great love
No matter how meager it may seem,
Here where we are.

Yes, they are magnificent
And perhaps one day
We shall teach them to angel choirs.
But tonight, let them settle into your marrow
Like a creature settling into its den.
And tomorrow, take them for a walk
and let them prance about like puppies.
And on all the days to come,
Get to know them like a lover,
In all their promises,
All their wanderings,
All their memories,
All their dreams.

Dream of them-
Sing them in your secret times of sorrow-
Live them when it is not their season-
For in excelsis gloria They one day will be sung.

George R. Pasley
December 24, 2016
Ketchikan Alaska

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