Pastor’s Pondering – January 17, 2018

Dear God,

teach me to pray

with my feet.


The steps of the ancestors were sturdy and strong.

They somehow carried them to cut down strange fruit dangling in the breeze.

Up and down Montgomery hills,

To mass meetings, lunch counters, and courthouses

To face canines, tear gas, and water hoses

As bullets and bombs wrought martyrs,

Their blood still crying out from the deep.



teach me to pray

with my feet.


For those felled while adorned with hoodie, for those who still can’t breathe, for those whose hearts have been broken under the weight of fathers suffocated on the street,


with hands raised,

“Don’t shoot!”

For Water Protectors,

For Flint,

For Women,

For the Refugee,

For Hijab wearing sisters and their brothers,

For the Dreamers,


LORD God Almighty,

teach me how to pray

with my feet,


That I might become a drum major of justice,

To march around Jericho’s walls

And monuments to White Supremacy,

Till they come tumbling down;

That I might say

As Mother Pollard did to young Martin

“My feets is tired, but my soul is rested.”

And that You, LORD God Almighty,

May one day say to me,

“You have beautiful feet.”



The Reverend Dr. Michael W. Waters

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