Pastor’s Pondering – January 24, 2018


I remember the story you told

About traveling to see your dying mother

Arriving home

Rushing to her room

Holding her hand

And praying.

Then, after some time

You went down to the car

To retrieve your kit bag

And then,

Re-entering the room,

Discovered she was gone.

You described how full of grief

Those moments were, before

And after,

But something else as well-

You decided ‘rich’

Was the proper word

And I imagined cream

Risen to the top and thickened

So that one might spread it

With a knife,

Sweet as it might be,

Blended with a most intense

Exotic chocolate.

I remember,

Because these days

My calling often seems like that-

Given a hand of circumstance to hold

Which I would never choose,

And praying slowly and methodically

For things grand-

Courage and trust

That seem barely enough.

But here I am,

And because I remember the story you told,

I offer prayers of gratitude

And taste the richness

Of the sacrament that is now.

George R. Pasley

January 21, 2016

Mt Vernon, WA

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