Pastor’s Pondering – February 7, 2018

Note: Frederick Douglass, the escaped slave who became spokesman for his race as a renowned abolitionist orator, was born perhaps 200 years ago this month. His date of birth is shrouded in the racism of slavery, but he believed he was born in 1818 and later chose the date of February 14 for his birthday. Asked once to give some advice to a recently escaped slave, Douglass responded “Agitate, agitate, agitate!”

In order to move the furniture,

We needed a truck,

And we needed to back it close

To the house

And the ground was wet

From a night of rain.


We contemplated making ruts…

And moved it anyway.


Mud is a fact of life,

Most places,

At least some of the time,

And most days,

Some places,

And you deal with it.


You curse it, you clean it,

You lay planks against its multiplication,

You mop it and wipe it and scrape it-

And yet its return, like Jesus,

Is promised.


That doesn’t mean we have to like it-

And mostly, we don’t.

We keep on dealing,

Keep the mess at bay,

Never pretending it does not exist.


Praise God for those who agitate,

For surely there are those who drown

In mud we do not see.


George R. Pasley

February 6, 2018

Martin Tennessee

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