Pastor’s Pondering – February 14, 2018

What do cats dream,

While they sleep?


My wife says they dream

About catching the fat Red Robin

Or eating her dip

While she grades papers.

She may be right,

As I believe she

Has walked in their paws

And taken her share of catnaps.


But I wonder-

Do they dream of peace,

Of not having to fear

The neighbor’s aggressive cat?

Do they dream of justice,

Of reparations for all the times

I’ve stepped on their paws?


Or do they dream

Pure joy,

Remembering they were orphans

And someone took them in-

Remembering they were helpless

And someone heard their prayer-

Remembering they were disconsolate

And someone, just practicing mercy,

Taught them how to purr?


George R Pasley

February 10, 2018

Martin TN


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