Pastor’s Pondering – March 7, 2018



Why did God send Jesus?


To do the dishes?

To pick up after the dog?

To scold the litterbugs?

To plant tomato seeds in jiffy pots?

To remind us to eat our vegetables?

To share his sandwich?

To shake his head over the morning news?

To eat dinner with racists and make them squirm?

To cherish the song of birds in the morning?

To eavesdrop at Sunday school?

To get really good at rap?

To hang out with us at Happy Hour?

To read James Baldwin and bell hooks?

To massage the feet of immigrants?

To listen, while women preach?

To fly a rainbow flag?

To rise up from the dead?


Or, all of the above,

Because God so loved the world?



George R. Pasley
March 6, 2018
Martin, TN

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