Pastor’s Pondering – April 4,2018

Almighty God-

Speak now, we implore thee.

Speak justice into our world,

That it may roll down like mighty rivers,

And rise up like sprouts of corn.

Grant that we might labor

In its long straight rows.

Grant that we might speak its language.

Grant that we might practice its habits.

Grant that we might teach it to our children, and they to their children.

Grant that justice might be in DEED,

And not merely in dream.

Grant that mothers might no longer

Mourn their sons. Grant that children might no longer mourn their futures.

Grant that nations will no longer lift up arms against other nations, nor their rage against their own.

Grant that our differences be no longer feared.

Grant that profit be no longer gleaned by suppression and oppression.

And grant, merciful Lord, that your prophet Martin Luther King, who spoke your word and stood his ground, will be forever remembered as one who suffered injustices that they might be plowed under and buried forever, so that your will might be practiced on earth, as it is in heaven. Amen.





George R Pasley
Martin TN
April 4, 2018

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