Pastor’s Pondering – April 11, 2018

Lord have mercy,

There are so many needs

To pray about,

I don’t know where to start.

War in Syria


And children dying helplessly

And drugs in America


And now the elderly are addicted

And we are running out

Of forests to cut down

And mountaintops to level

And places to put our garbage

And still

We resent our neighbor

And worse, if they live

Far enough away

To think them not our neighbor

And I am afraid

Of what will happen

If we do not pray

If you do not act

And we try to fix all this

By ourselves.

So teach us Lord, to pray-

Take our hearts into your everlasting arms

And make them like the child

Who is being lifted safely out of harm-

Teach us to trust, that we may act

For your will, not our own. Amen.



George R. Pasley

April 11, 2018

Martin TN

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