Pastor’s Pondering – May 2, 2018

I am persuaded

That suffering is both particle and wave,

That it both persists and wanes,

That we endure it by stubbornness

And prevail against it by hope

And agility

And by surprise.


Likewise I am persuaded

That grace is simultaneously

The most necessary and

The least understood

Of the spiritual elements.

It too is wave and particle

But the manner of its distribution

Defies our control.

Without it, we perish

But with it we can endure

Or rejoice,

Suffer or prevail,

And even failing every test

We may receive it in baskets filled.


This I have learned, though:

Grace shared does not diminish.

Grace experienced,

But multiplies and disperses its wonders

Without aim, even

In unintended corners.


Likewise this too I have learned:

Those of us in the most enviable of circumstances

Need grace every bit as much

As those of us in the least enviable circumstance,

And the quantity of grace matters little

Because its quality is most consistent.


This one thing more I have learned:

I can always learn more about grace

Than I yet know, and I rejoice

Because I am certain that suffering

Still waits for me in some unsuspecting corner

And I have learned to enjoy being surprised-

Not by the suffering,

But by the stubbornness of grace,

Which yields to nothing

Except for love.

George R. Pasley. April 28, 2014, Ketchikan Alaska

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