Pastor’s Pondering – May 16, 2018

“A noose was tied around the negro’s neck, but when Mrs. White’s husband refused to be the executioner, the mob returned the prisoner to jail and released the sheriff. Later the mob reassembled and secured the negro and hanged him.”
-Newspaper account of the lynching of Mallie Wilson, Dresden Tennessee, September 4, 2015



Oh Lord, have mercy-

I am so grateful I did not live

In those violent times

Because my question is,

“Would I have reassembled

With the mob,

And hanged poor Mallie?”

Oh Lord, I am not an evil man

And I want to say NO,

I would have refused.


But neither am I a righteous man,

And I know I would joined the mob,

Just to say that I was there.

So forgive me, Lord,

Even though I wasn’t.




George R. Pasley
May 15, 2018
Martin, TN

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