Pastor’s Pondering – May 23, 2018

This morning, in a flash,

I remembered

A sunny May day in Jefferson Maryland-

A moment, really,

At a country store-

Concrete steps, glass door,

One single linoleum counter-

A Tastykake

Some chocolate milk

And then I returned to today,

Wondering what was so vivid about that long-ago day?


Not the Tastykake

Not even the chocolate milk

Not even the sunny May day,

Though today is a sunny day in May-

But this:

It was the feeling

Of being me,

In that place, that time.


And now I am here,

In this place, changed

By that day and every day

And still, me,

Though not yet

Who I will become,

Me, as God plans.




George R. Pasley

May 23, 2018   Martin, TN

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