Pastor’s Pondering – June 13, 2018


Sometimes in the evenings,

When the sun steps down from her high place,

I crawl through the garden on hands and knees,

Pulling a few weeds

So that my tomatoes and my squash

Have it all to themselves,

And in the midst of my labor

I find meaning and joy.


And sometimes in the morning,

I rise with the sun and tend my garden,

Having neglected her too long

And then return to my day,

Soiled from good work.


And then there are times

In the heat of the day,

I can put it off no longer,

I enter the wild with scythe and with hoe

And even then,

A bush hog would do more,

I should just mow it and plow it

And begin once more.


Lord, do what is needed

With this hard, scanty patch named me,

And I will praise your name.




George R. Pasley

June 11, 2018

Martin TN


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