Pastor’s Pondering – August 1, 2018

This world

Has its share of troubles,

And more,

And so do you

Though you’ve done your best

With what you had-

Considered the facts,

Listened to the pros and cons,

Made hard decisions and

Followed through.


But trouble comes uninvited,

Like a salesman with his shoe in the door,

Like rain through a leak in the roof,

Like flies to a picnic,

And it will not do to say

Oh, well,

Because trouble knows how to break your heart.


And prayers may be answered, yes

Or they may not,

And your world may fall apart

Or merely limp along

Or the seasons may change

And laughter may come,

Only God knows,

if you believe,

and even so,

only God knows why.


So this is my prayer-

May love abide in the worst,

Abound when it may,

And may you persevere,

With love at your side.


George R. Pasley

August 1, 2018

Martin TN

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