Pastor’s Pondering – September 12, 2018

Last week, Trinity Presbyterian Church was awarded the Martin Beautiful award. Many thanks to the facilities committee for their faithfulness and diligence to our home.



The recipe for success

Is a long road in a different direction:

Start with a plan you are willing to scrap, if God wills,

Willing to amend and bend and set aside,

When God wills, a plan

Conceived in courage,

Nurtured by perseverance,

Requiring copious diligence.

Then be surprised

By the lessons taught by failure,

And by the rewards presented by risk.

Then keep working long after the goal is reached,

Invite new partners,

Plan some more,

Until the journey is the thing,

And the destination you seek

Is not success,

But faithfulness.



George R. Pasley
September 11, 2018
Martin TN

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