Pastor’s Pondering – September 19, 2018

Have mercy on us, LORD,

For there is a lot to do

To undo what we have done-

We could pray all day long,

And yet not name it all.

But pray we must,

So gracious God, please

Help us pray.


Help us pray for responders-

First, and second, and all who follow

Where floods have ravaged homes and farms,

Factories and schools-

And help us pray for wisdom.

Can we do better, wiser, than we have done?

The earth cries out, “We must!”


Help us pray for justice,

But help us pray, LORD,

While we take to the streets

To do that for which we pray.


Help us to pray for grace,

Dear God,

Knowing what we must do,

Knowing we cannot, on our own,

Trusting in your grace, your love,

Your promise of Kingdom come.


And until that glorious day, LORD,

Have mercy on us all.


George R. Pasley

September 19, 2018

Martin TN

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