Pastor’s Pondering – October 31, 2018

Who were the saints,

Those folk in the windows of my memory,

Who twinkled in the light of God?


They were too close to me

To seem like saints-

Their faults in full view,

Their humanity all too real.


But they persevered

And time pulled us apart,

Some gone now forever,

And like precious metals in the furnace

I see now who they were-

Those who hoped

Those who prayed

Those who mourned

Those who laughed

Those who put one foot forward

When life knocked them down

And they wanted to sit down,

Those who yearned for next Sunday

Amidst the trials of Monday-

Those who loved

When there was nothing practical

Nor enjoyable

About it.


Gone now, their light still shines.



George R. Pasley
October 30, 2018
Martin TN

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