Pastor’s Pondering – November 7, 2018



They made war-

We made war-

And called it the war to end wars.


They made new weapons-

We made new weapons-

Horrible, deadly weapons.


Sixteen million people died,

Millions soldiers,

Millions not-


Buried in the ground,

And mourned.

We prayed for peace

But they kept on dying.

There was disease

That kept on killing.

Few know

How horrible it was.


And then came peace,

And hope.

Soldiers came home

Crowds cheered,

Flags waved.

It was good and we prayed

Thank you.


But it did not last.

War did not end wars.

We still mourn,

We still pray,

For God’s Kingdom to come,

God’s will to be done.


The sound of taps

Still haunts us,

For they are still dead,

Buried in the ground.


George R. Pasley

November 6, 2018

Martin TN

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