Pastor’s Pondering – November 21, 2018

We were hungry- gaunt, even-

And he fed us, and sent us home

With leftovers.


Our throats were parched from thirst,

And he offered us cold, sweet water

From a spring deep within the woods.


We were naked, and cold

And he wrapped us in his own

Oversized flannel robe, and fur slippers.


We were sick, and he made broth

And sat beside our bed

And told us stories.

We were in jail and shamed and afraid

And he stood in line for hours,

Waiting to be searched for contraband,

So that he could visit us

And touch our hand

And give us courage.


We had nothing,

And he gave us everything.

We were nobody,

And he made us somebody.


We were without love,

And he loved us,

And it made all the difference

In the world.



George R. Pasley

November 20, 2018

Martin, TN

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