Pastor’s Pondering – May 8, 2019

A day in the woods,

Warm but not too hot,

Without breeze

But blessed by the song of birds

And the roar of the chainsaw

(and occasional curse)

And barking dogs,

The slither of snakes

The bite of bugs,

Abundant with poison ivy

And never-ending work.


Yet, we count it blessing,

A day in the woods,

Productive, yes,

But something more-

A fellowship with Adam,

Who first broke ground-

With Appleseed,

Who planted for others to pick-

With Abe, the rail splitter-

With all who persevered

Though far worse

With much less,

Because they had to

Or because they loved it,

Caring for what God has given

Unto us all.


George R. Pasley

May 7, 2019

Martin, TN

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