Pastor’s Pondering – May 29, 2019

I pray thanksgiving

That loved ones are marked safe

From yesterday’s tornado-

I pray thanksgiving

For dozens of young Puerto Ricans

Volunteering to till the soil, plant new plants, and

Help raise fresh food to boost the islands economy-

I pray thanksgiving

For the teenagers in the Philippines,

Each of whom will plant ten trees

Before they graduate from high school-

I pray thanksgiving

For soldiers, coming home

For friends, packing mobile meals

For children, smiling

And for old folks, laughing.


But maybe we should mourn-

Maybe we need one world, grieving

For what we have done to our planet,

For what we have done to each other,

For all the cruelty that prevails

Despite the good news.


Maybe we should mourn,

And then get up and pray thanksgiving

That for all the bad news,

We are called to hope.


George R. Pasley

May 29, 2019

Martin TN

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