Pastor’s Pondering – June 5, 2019

An orphaned kitten
Stood on our stoop,
Meowing loud enough
To wake the dead.
And we welcomed him.
When he was a stranger,
We fed him
When he was hungry,
We comforted him
When he was lonely,
Just like the Lord has done
For us all.
But our other cats were angry,
They sulked by day
And hissed by night,
And we took them in our arms and said,
“All we have is yours,
But your brother was lost,
And now is found.”
But the other cats just said,
“Whatever” and “We’ll see.”
And really,
Are we any different
Than those other cats?
Yet the Lord,
softie that He is,
Loves us all.

George R. Pasley
June 2, 2019
Martin, TN

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