Pastor’s Pondering – June 12, 2019

I took a straight road
Between A and B,
And saw an old oak upon a cutbank,
A lonely road aimed beyond,
But I could not go there,
Not today.
I saw a Wayfair,
beside the river,
But I could not linger,
Not today.
I saw a road ambling off,
Its signpost name said covered bridge,
But I had already tarried long.
I overpassed a highway
That I had passed on a hundred times,
Back in those days,
And then I knew that this road I took
From A to B today
Was one I yearned to take in earlier times
And see what I could see.
But the Lord had time for me
To drive it home today.

George R. Pasley
June 12, 2019
Lebanon, IL

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