Pastor’s Ponderings – October 2, 2019

“How could we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?” -Psalm 137:4

We refused. We sang a song that mocked our enemies. We sang

A single word, halted,

Then two more

Before we burst into tears.

Our captors laughed,

Then cracked the whip and sent

Us forth,

We wept bitterly while we walked

And slept not at all by night.

But then one day, months later,

We took up the harp and tambourine

And sang a new song,

It too from the LORD,

A song in minor key,

A song that insisted God is Good

Despite everything that insists


The LORD IS good, even here, even now,

Even though,

And we will SING the Lord’s song


And ever, amen!

George R. Pasley
October 2, 2019 Martin, TN

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