Pastor’s Pondering – October 16, 2019

Lord forgive me, I didn’t look I didn’t see I didn’t know That something was wrong That I was contagious That I was spreading fear That I was giving hate Exactly what it needed. I didn’t look. Forgive me. But forgive me more, Gracious God- Because- Because I didn’t look I didn’t see, Therefore I didn’t know- And because I didn’t know I carried an infection Therefore I didn’t know There was a cure. But Lord- Gracious God- Crucified, dead and buried And RISEN Lord, You look You see You know And you DO- By grace pure grace You heal And when we SEE Oh my- Joy leaps from the ground Love descends from the skies Mercy escapes From our hearts And Kingdom- Well, it comes And we do your will Right here, where we are, Where you were, All along. George R Pasley, October 13, 2019, Lebo KS

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