Pastor’s Pondering – November 20, 2019

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.” -Philippians 4:4

In 1968, where we lived,
There was still a farm or two
That put their corn in shocks.
They may have thrown the corn,
Stalk and all, to the cattle to eat
Over the course of that long winter.
I know only that we cherished the scene,
Shocks in the field, corn stored away
Come rain, come snow, come cold wind,
And a little smoke from the chimney on the farmhouse.
We cut cordwood
All fall, all winter
And stacked it away to cure,
To burn a year later.
“It warms you twice,” we said,
“Once when you cut it, once when you burn it,”
Laughing, or grumbling, depending on the day.
And now today,
Like corn, or seasoned oak,
I draw out those memories
From where they are stored
For the rain, the snow and the cold,
And rejoice.

George R. Pasley
November 20, 2019
Martin, TN

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