Pastor’s Pondering: December 18, 2019

Pfeffernüsse and Zimtsterne, Vanillekipferl and Stolen For Christian and Inge

My friend’s mother,
Born in Germany,
Passed on to him a love- A lust,
really- A yearning,
a nearly insatiable itch,
For baking Christmas treats Pfeffernüsse and Zimtsterne,
Vanillekipferl and Stolen,
And whenever I was lucky enough
To visit during Advent
The kitchen counter groaned
Beneath its cloak
Of mixing bowls and sugar bags,
Cooling racks and butter. And once,
praise the day,
I was invited to join him In his labor-
But woe-is-me,
I shrieked
When I saw the lengths that lay before us:
Chop the walnuts,
Chop them smaller,
Chop them into dust
And then make from them a dough.
It was too,
too much for me
And I retreated,
To washing dishes.
But now, in
I remember,
I am reminded
Of the lengths that our
God went to,
To save us from our sin.
And so we wait,
A few more days,
Knowing two things for sure:
God must love us, verily!
Christmas is worth the wait.
George R. Pasley December 18, 2019

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