Pastor’s Pondering 02/26/2020

Thinking about Ash Wednesday

I recalled glimpses,

Bright moments over the year

When I saw people,

Young and old,

Wise and foolish,

Male and female

As they might be,

As they could be

And it filled my heart with joy.

But in the same moment I recalled

Memories of myself,

At my worst,

Mean, spiteful, degrading

Despite my best efforts

At being more gracious,

More ready to embrace,

And those memories

Brought me to my knees.

So Lord, here I pray-

Purge me, eradicate

My willful disobedience.

Without you I am ash,

I am dust, I am waste,

Always was, always will be

But with you I rise

With you I shine

With you I dance for joy

Because with you and only then

I am as I might be..

George R. Pasley

February 26, 2020

Martin, TN

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