Pastor’s Pondering 03/04/2020

Somehow this old poem seemed like the right thing for an election day submission. The first phrase- “There’s no such thing as bead weather, only bad gear” was often expressed by the fishermen and women in Alaska…

There’s no such thing as bad weather,
Only bad gear –
So we dress for work,
Or we dress to go out to dinner
Or we dress for church
Or we dress for whatever might happen
But sometimes,
A person can’t tell what
We’re dressed for,
So discombobulated is our attire.

But here we are, ready to go
Without knowing, not for sure,
Where life will take us.
So dress for love
With respect in your heart
Hope in your eye
Curiosity in your ears
Readiness in your hands
Because there’s no such thing as bad weather
If you have the right gear.

George R. Pasley

March 4, 2020

Martin, TN

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