Pastor’s Pondering 03/11/2020

A Benediction for St. Patrick

Let those who have never known hunger

Set down their forks.

Let those who have never known cruelty

Go as a stranger, alone, to a far place

Where they speak a different tongue.

Let those who have never known pain

Don boot and gloves, take up their shovels

And dig from the break of dawn

Until well past dark.

Let those who have not suffered a loved one’s death

Choose which one they might do without.

As for the rest of us- let us lower

Our pointing finger,

Our angry voice,

Our stingy defenses

And instead, join all peoples

Of every continent

In lifting up our prayers

For more mercy

For greater hospitality

For an abundance of generosity

And especially, for peace,

Until there are none who are hungry

None who cower in fear before their oppressors

Until there is a balm in Gilead.

And let us all-

No matter the color of our scarf-

No matter our creed-

Say loud Amen.

George R Pasley

March 11, 2020

Martin, TN

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