Pastor’s Pondering 05/13/2020

O gracious and wonderful God,

We are thankful for a LOT!

We are thankful for everything we have learned our whole life long,

And for everyone who taught us. AND

We are grateful that we are still learning, still growing, and still loving each and every day.

We are grateful Lord, for every time we got hurt in life

And for everyone who helped us heal.

For everyone who shed a tear,

For everyone who held our hand,

For everyone who said, “I know how that feels.”

We are grateful, Lord.

For every glorious day,

And for every day that started out not-so-glorious,

But was made glorious

By someone who cared enough

To fill it with something of themselves.

We are so very thankful Lord,

For everyone who came looking for us early in the morning

And said, “Come on, let’s go!”

And we are so very thankful, Lord,

For everyone who ever tucked us in

When the day was finally done.

We are so very thankful Lord,

For everyone who gave us a nudge

And said, “Go on!”

And for everyone who sat down beside us when we thought we’d failed

And said, “No, you were very brave to try.”

And Lord, sometimes we have been lost in life

And there was someone there beside us.

And there are those who prayed when they didn’t know where we were.

And there are those who told us EXACTLY

What we had done that was so very wrong.

And we thank you Lord, for them.

And Lord, there are those in this world

Who’ve done way more than their share

And we imagine that we know

How hard it must have been, or is even now,

But we really don’t, but we know you do.

So we say a prayer for them, and ask your help for them.

And maybe, Lord, we’re not sure what we’ll do now,

And we ask your help, for us.

Lord, heal us where we’re broken,

Lift us up in our weakness,

Forgive our sin, and give us the courage to forgive each other.

Lord, teach us more than what we need to know.

Teach us wisdom, and grace, and love.

Lord, keep on giving us your very self,

And nudge us to go forth,

And give ourselves

To this world you love so much.

And let your kingdom come.


George R Pasley

May 13, 2020

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