Pastor’s Pondering 06/17/2020

“Turn to me and be gracious to me.”

Give your strength to your servant.”

Save the child of your serving girl.” -Psalms 86:16

Your serving girl may be

The least of the servants in your house.

Seen and not heard, except to say

“Yes, sir” and “Yes, ma’am”.

And as for her children, well,

Did you even know she had any?

But you see, she knows you

At your most vulnerable.

When you have vomited,

When you have an embarrassing stain

On your best white blouse,

When your lover

Has upset you horribly.

So see, she knows your heart.

She knows it is not cold.

She knows your temperament

Is like that of the mare who won

The race coming from behind.

She knows what you can do,

Once you are convinced.

So do for her, Lord,

What she only dares to ask

Because there is mercy

Within your house.

George R Pasley

June 17, 2020

Martin, TN

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