Pastor’s Pondering 07/01/2020

It was a mistake

To go out for breakfast this morning.

Going out for breakfast is for folk

Who have time to savor

The morning, the Sabbath,

The company of food and time.

But there was one waitress,

Somewhat new to her job,

And 15 tables to serve.

Almost every one, every one but mine,

Crammed full of customers

And no busboy.

And I watched as she patiently took their orders,

And took their complaints.

She tried to keep up with everything

Not a sign on her face

Of anything being out of order.

And I wondered,

Was her stomach turning?

So as I began to pray for my check to finally come,

I changed my prayer and prayed instead

For that young woman.

For the time she did not have

For either Sabbath or meal.

For we were slaves in Egypt,

And the Lord set us free

With an outstretched arm.

George R Pasley

July 1, 2020

Martin, TN

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