Pastor’s Pondering 07/15/2020

Here’s a “guest poem” for this week. Please be safe, grateful and hopeful -Pastor George

Life in the Time of Corona
I know
deadly viruses
can be passed
around with
deadly ease.
But remember, love,
so can other things.
In better times
babies can be passed
from loving arms
to loving arms,
the scent of creation
inhaled and
and cherished.
In bad times
sorrow can be passed
amongst the grieving
each holding it close
like a talking stick
in a family meeting,
sharing memories
and telling stories
of better times
and happier days.
And other things
can be passed
from person to person,
in good times
and in bad.
A smile.
A hug.
A listening ear.
A helping hand.
A shoulder to lean on.
Times are bad.
But they are also good.
There is always good.

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