Pastor’s Pondering 08/05/2020

Many have been the mornings

When I woke up,

Knowing nothing.

But precious few have been the mornings

When so much nothingness

Was a cause for joy.

I had everything to learn,

How exciting was that!

And then I would dive in

To the Picoult novel,

The Oliver poem,

The conversation with a waitress,

The hard conversation at work,

The decision lived with,

The post by a friend

And learn that I don’t quite get it.

Not yet,

And perhaps never will.

Silence then.

A dump truck rattled by,


And I remember laughing,

Tumbling off the merry-go-round,


Like that,

I rise up

And look for others,

Woozy from love,

Silly with God,

Ready for more.

George R. Pasley

August 5, 2020

Martin TN

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