Pastor’s Pondering 08/12/2020

I’ve had that thorn for years,

But it flared up a few days ago,

Acerbating a splinter

That was new and fresh.

Or maybe it was the splinter

That made the thorn flare up.

But anyway, I muttered “God,

Why is this necessary?”

But I didn’t hear God answer.

Instead I heard the mothers

Of murdered sons,

I heard the generations

Born and buried in refugee camps,

Living off commodities.

Instead, I heard the men

Living in villages long since made irrelevant

By a world changed too wrong,

Too fast,

By our greed.

So I will not ask God anymore questions,

Not for myself.

But the gathered faithful of this world

Should make our prayers

A thorn in the flesh of God,

On behalf of those who suffer

From the evils of our sin.

George R. Pasley

August 12, 2020

Martin TN

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