Pastor’s Pondering 09/02/2020

Surprise Happens

“The essential thing is to not give up. Not ever. Surprise happens.” -Wm. debus, The Last Unicorn

Surprise happens. Wouldn’t that make a great T-shirt? Surprises, the good ones,

Are like a joke. Especially one that doesn’t begin with

“Here’s a joke for you”, Because you laugh harder

When the punchline sneaks up on you. Surprise happens,

And usually we’re surprised, and if not it’s because

We’ve been surprised before. Out in the woods you came upon

A souvenir of another life. In the attic you recovered

A forgotten memory. In the bottom of the freezer

There was a pair of lamb chops ready for the grill.

And in the course of a week, you were forgiven more times

Than you knew you needed. So go forth, and shout boo

At the world’s bad news. And be surprised

When it turns and runs the other way.

George R. Pasley

September 2, 2020

Martin TN

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