Pastor’s Pondering

We used to take a Sunday drive,

Just seeing what was there.

And I miss those drives,

During this time of busy-ness

And doing what needs doing.

But one morning, off to do,

I put my brain in slower gear,

So as to look at where I was.

There were leaves across the yard,

There was a mother,

Taking children to catch the bus.

There was construction, steel girders,

Yellow hard hats, orange vests,

There was a bale of straw, and pumpkins

And chrysanthemums in glory.

And there were more leaves,

Not yet fallen,

And a calendar unturned.

So now I know, tomorrow,

There will be more to see

While we are doing what needs doing.

So let’s go forth, and see.

George R. Pasley

October 28, 2020

Martin, TN

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