Pastor’s Pondering 11/04/2020

Trinity once again served as a polling place for the election yesterday. I worked as a machine operator at the Church of Christ polling place. For the August election, I worked at the Trinity polling place.

Weakley County had a very large early vote, so polling places were not as busy as they might have been. Nonetheless, they served a very important service to the people of Weakley County and the nation. As always, I recall that the very first time I saw the interior of the Trinity building, it was election day, 2016.

Helping people to vote, I encountered many first-time voters- some because they were finally old enough to vote, and some who simply have not voted previously. I also met many people who had not voted in a long time, and others who had not voted since the last presidential election. Almost all of them were in a serious mood as they voted. Almost all of them told me thank you.

All-in-all it was a hard day, but I am glad I served. It made my heart sing to see how patient and diligent all of the election workers were. It was a pleasure to help people vote, and an extra pleasure to see some people going the extra mile to vote. So on behalf of all my fellow election day workers, I say thank you to all of you who voted.

Today and the next few days are very anxious times for most of us as we wait for final election results. If you are not anxious, I commend you! I also remind you that our faith is in the LORD, who made heaven and earth- the LORD who rose form the dead. The LORD, who rules over the cosmos.

This week’s anxiety will be replaced by next week’s anxiety, but the God is with us now and forever. So, let me close with this excerpt from a poem I wrote on another election day:

There will be those in need,

And I feel called to pledge

Generosity at every opportunity.

And called to pray that a bighearted spirit

Will abide in our land.

So let me not wail,

Let me not demonize,

Nor let me jeer.

Teach me to trust you Lord,

Teach me to persevere.

George R. Pasley

November 4, 2020

Martin, TN

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