Pastor’s Pondering 12/09/2020

Does the day begin

When I rise up?

Or does it begin

When the sun peeks through the trees

On the eastside of my house?

Or did it begin last night,

When I lay down to sleep

And rest my body, charge my brain

For the day that is today?

And when does Advent begin?

With the angel telling Joseph

Not to be afraid

Of taking Mary for his wife?

Or when the angel visited Mary?

Or with the angel’s appearance to Zechariah in the temple?

Or does Advent begin

When we are overwhelmed

With confusion and fear,

Not knowing where to turn,

Or even knowing that there is somewhere to turn?

Does it begin then,

When God hears our cry

And reaches out to us with love?

George R. Pasley

December 09, 2020

Martin, TN

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