Pastor’s Pondering 12/16/2020

The care partner

Has red and green lights

In her hair.

There are trees in the lobby

And every waiting room.

The doctor is a Cubs fan,

The nurse is from the Philippines,

And the other care partner

Is chomping at the bit

To move to NYC.

Everyone, it seems,

Has a personal Christmas wish.

The two patients in the elevator

Had heart transplants last month,

And are living into their own Christmas wish.

And we think, and pray,

We are coming home today.

But regardless, Maddy has painted

Her fingernails “One More Time”,

Though they look dark purple to me,

And we celebrate today.

We’ll celebrate tomorrow,

Whatever gift it gives,

And pray again for Peace on Earth,

And practice living peace

And joy

And love.

George R. Pasley

December 16, 2020

Martin, TN

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